Prior Blog Work

In the Stacks: North Mankato Taylor Library

Most popular posts:

  • Happily ever after? Fairy tales today
  • Spotlight on Minnesota author Michael Springer
  • 150 years: The U.S.-Dakota Conflict
  • The lore of Ireland: Fairies, mermaids and Yeats
  • Langston Hughes: Harlem Renaissance poet

New Moon Girls online, girls ages 8-14

  • Celebrating Día de los muertos
  • Beat boredom this summer–volunteer!
  • Newswoman responds to bully
  • What makes you different
  • Join me on the bridge, Luna’s Blog
  • How NOT to be perfect: A guide
  • Start a book club
  • Just what is Occupy Wall Street?
  • New LEGOS are just for girls
  • Greek goddesses
  • Patricia Stephens, civil rights leader

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