More than 90 books published or forthcoming.

Alternative Energy series (48 pp., ATOS ~5.5): Ocean EnergyCopyright 2017, Abdo.

Are They Real? series (24 pp., ATOS ~2.0): Aliens, Angels, Bigfoot, Chupacabra, Fairies, Loch Ness Monster. Copyright 2017, Creative Education.

Aboriginal Canadian Communities series (32 pp., ATOS ~3.0): Metis, Ojibwe. Copyright 2017, Beech Street Books.

Biographies series (32 pp.): Abraham Lincoln, Benjamin Franklin, Chief Joseph, Daniel Boone, Deborah Sampson, Franklin D. Roosevelt, George Washington, Ida B. Wells, James Madison, Marian Anderson, Sacagawea, Susan B. Anthony, Susan La Flesche Picotte, Thomas Jefferson. Copyright 2020-2021, Capstone.

Building by Design series (48 pp.): Engineering the Taj Mahal. Copyright 2018, Abdo.

Built for Success series (48 pp., ATOS~7.5): AT&TBerkshire HathawayLululemon Athletica, Southwest Airlines. Copyright 2016, Creative Education.

Canada Turns 150 series: Canada Charters Its Future: 1980-1993. Copyright 2018, Beech Street Books.

Class in America series (112 pp.): Class and Race, with Duchess Harris. Copyright 2019, Abdo.

Classic Rock Bands series (112 pp.): Led Zeppelin. Copyright 2021, Abdo.

Essential Lives series (112 pp.): Kamala Harris. Copyright 2021, Abdo.

Exploring Ancient Civilizations series: Exploring Ancient EgyptExploring the Aztec Empire. Copyright 2018, 12-Story Library.

Grow with Me series (32 pp., ATOS~3.5): Bean, CornKoala, Penguin. Copyright 2016, Creative Education.

Hip-Hop Artists series (112 p.): Childish Gambino: Multifaceted Artist. Copyright 2020, Abdo.

I Spy series (24 pp., ATOS ~2.0): Spies in the CIA, Spies in the KGB, Spies in the Mossad, Spies in the SIS. Copyright 2016, Creative Education.

I’m the Biggest! series (24 pp., ATOS ~3.0): In the ArcticIn the DesertsIn the Mountains, In the Oceans, In the PrairiesIn the Rivers. Copyright 2019, Creative Education.

News Literacy series (48 pp.): Uncovering Bias in the News, with Duchess Harris. Copyright 2018, Abdo.

Odysseys in Peace series: Mahatma Gandhi and Mother Teresa. Copyright 2020, Creative Education.

Seedlings series (24 pp., ATOS ~1.0): Ants, Bus Drivers, Coaches, Crickets, Doctors, Engineers, Fighter Jets, Firefighters, Garbage Collectors, Librarians, Mail Carriers, Mechanics, Police Officers, Retrievers, Spiders, Tanks, Terriers, Worms. Copyright 2016-2021, Creative Education.

Shaping the United States of America series (24 pp.): The Declaration of Independence and The U.S. Constitution. Copyright 2020, Capstone.

Star Athletes series (112 pp.): LeBron James: NBA Champion. Copyright 2020, Abdo.

The Big Time series (24 pp., ATOS ~2.0): Alex MorganAndrew LuckAriana GrandeCristiano RonaldoIggy AzaleaStephen Curry. Copyright 2017, Creative Education.

Turning Points series (48 pp., ATOS ~7.0): The 9/11 Attacks. Copyright 2017, Creative Education. *Booklist Starred Review 

War Technology series (48 pp., ATOS ~5.0): Vietnam War TechnologyWorld War II Technology. Copyright 2018, Abdo.

Wild Jobs series (24 pp.): Animal Wrangler, Camping Guide, Cave Explorer, Deep-Sea Fisher, Scuba Diver, Wildland Firefighter. Copyright 2018, Creative Education.

Wild West series (48 pp., ATOS ~5.0): The Oregon Trail. Copyright 2017, Abdo.