More than 80 books published or forthcoming.

Alternative Energy series (48 pp., ATOS ~5.5): Ocean EnergyCopyright 2017, Abdo.

Are They Real? series (24 pp., ATOS ~2.0): Aliens, Angels, Bigfoot, Chupacabra, Fairies, Loch Ness Monster. Copyright 2017, Creative Education.

Aboriginal Canadian Communities series (32 pp., ATOS ~3.0): Metis, Ojibwe. Copyright 2017, Beech Street Books.

Biographies series (32 pp.): Abraham Lincoln, Franklin D. Roosevelt, George Washington, Thomas Jefferson. Copyright 2020, Capstone.

Building by Design series (48 pp.): Engineering the Taj Mahal. Copyright 2018, Abdo.

Built for Success series (48 pp., ATOS~7.5): AT&TBerkshire HathawayLululemon Athletica, Southwest Airlines. Copyright 2016, Creative Education.

Canada Turns 150 series: Canada Charters Its Future: 1980-1993. Copyright 2018, Beech Street Books.

Class in America series (112 pp.): Class and Race, with Duchess Harris. Copyright 2019, Abdo.

Exploring Ancient Civilizations series: Exploring Ancient EgyptExploring the Aztec Empire. Copyright 2018, 12-Story Library.

Grow with Me series (32 pp., ATOS~3.5): Bean, CornKoala, Penguin. Copyright 2016, Creative Education.

I Spy series (24 pp., ATOS ~2.0): Spies in the CIA, Spies in the KGB, Spies in the Mossad, Spies in the SIS . Copyright 2016, Creative Education.

I’m the Biggest! series (24 pp., ATOS ~3.0): In the ArcticIn the DesertsIn the Mountains, In the Oceans, In the PrairiesIn the Rivers. Copyright 2019, Creative Education.

News Literacy series (48 pp.): Uncovering Bias in the News, with Duchess Harris. Copyright 2018, Abdo.

Odysseys in Peace series: Mahatma Gandhi and Mother Teresa. Copyright 2020, Creative Education.

Seedlings series (24 pp., ATOS ~1.0): Ants, Crickets, Fighter Jets, Retrievers, Spiders,TanksTerriers, Worms. Copyright 2016 & 2017, Creative Education.

Shaping the United States of America (24 pp.): The Declaration of Independence and The U.S. Constitution. Copyright 2020, Capstone.

Star Athletes series (112 pp.): LeBron James: NBA Champion. Copyright 2020, Abdo.

The Big Time series (24 pp., ATOS ~2.0): Alex MorganAndrew LuckAriana GrandeCristiano RonaldoIggy AzaleaStephen Curry. Copyright 2017, Creative Education.

Turning Points series (48 pp., ATOS ~7.0): The 9/11 Attacks. Copyright 2017, Creative Education. *Booklist Starred Review 

War Technology series (48 pp., ATOS ~5.0): Vietnam War TechnologyWorld War II Technology. Copyright 2018, Abdo.

Wild Jobs series (24 pp.): Animal Wrangler, Camping Guide, Cave Explorer, Deep-Sea Fisher, Scuba Diver, Wildland Firefighter. Copyright 2018, Creative Education.

Wild West series (48 pp., ATOS ~5.0): The Oregon Trail. Copyright 2017, Abdo.